Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Big Bertha - my kiln.

Hi everybody,
Welcome to Penny Chesney’s Blog.

As many of you already know I am a spiritual artist & metaphysicist.
Heaps of people ask me what that means – “metaphysics” – and I always tell them that the word literally means “the study of energies beyond the physical”.

But enough of the literary lesson, I am excited to tell you that my new ceramics studio – called “The Globalight Spiritual Tool Shop” (www.globalight.com.au) is now up and running. We anticipate having finished work up on line to show you within a month.
In the meantime here is a photo of my kiln – ‘Big Bertha’ – loaded up with our first bisque firing.

It takes a fair bit of work to fill “Bertha” – she has a 35 cubic foot firing capacity and that means lots of work to go into it. But very soon we will be producing large functional pieces so that should fll her up a bit quicker.

Our large range will include: -
Ceramic, timber slab & crystal meditation/attunement thrones
Ceramic & timber slab altars, bookcases & lecterns
But in the meantime we have been concentrating on smaller pieces : -
ceramic & crystal lamps, mirrors, boxes and candlesticks.

I have also had a bit of fun making draped ceramic masks – a series called “The Guardians” – they too are decorated with crystals & feathers.

All the work that comes out of “The Globalight Spiritual Tool Shop” will receive a Seichim attunement process that will “awaken” the spiritual energy of the artefact so each piece will be a very real tool for use by the spiritual voyager.
Each piece undergoes 3 firings in all. A bisque, a glaze firing and a lustre firing. The gold, platinum & silver that you see in my work are the real thing – these lustres enable me to coat areas with a fine patina of precious metal.
Once this first batch of work comes through the completed process we are putting up a new website that will be the showcase for all my artwork.

It has taken hard work, lots of optimism and a whole heap of miracles to get this show on the road.
So stay tuned in for the next exciting episode.