Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Nature of Fear

The Nature of Fear.

On the eve of the release of Dr. Haneef who had been held on suspicion of terrorist involvement in Australia I decided to celebrate this wonderful news by writing this expose’ on the subject of Fear.
The age we now live in has often been referred to by ancient prophets as the Age of Fear Mongering and that is exactly what we are experiencing. Society is being manipulated and encouraged to be fearful. It is a very powerful political tool and has been used by greedy and manipulative regimes to control the people many times throughout the ages of man.
Fear has now become a weapon that is being wielded by both sides of the current situation and the intended targets are us, the public. We are copping it from both sides at once.
Have you ever really thought about what fear actually is?
It is the need to harbour a fantasy of a negative outcome.
If you really want to change this frame of mind you can. It takes a bit of work & a lot of soul-searching but it can be done.
There is hope, especially if you learn to spiritually trust and are prepared to welcome change because change is inevitable.
Another way of developing a calm disposition is to reconnect spiritually with the planet and all of nature. Humanity is meant to be a caretaker of this Garden of Eden we live on but we have managed to ruin for ourselves by forgetting that fact. It’s time to re-connect. My advice is to make an appointment with the nearest reputable practitioner of shamanism to learn these self-empowering skills.
We have been warned by past seers & prophets that this time would come. And I think we are being naïve to believe that our destructive life styles could go on indefinitely.
And for those who can’t see past the gloom & doom here’s a message that may bring some Light into your Dark Night of the Soul. There are some amazing things happening around the planet at present, humanity bonding together from all over the world to raise the energy of togetherness, compassion and healing around the globe. Millions of souls joined for one hour at exactly the same time all focusing on one thing, loving the planet and healing Her. For those who participated in the “Fire the Grid” meditation I would just like to say one thing: - “Wow, wasn’t that just the most absolutely splendiferous experience?”
So cheer up folks, there is a Light at the end of the tunnel, all you have to do is look for it. And believe me as one who has done it already, the journey to the Light is full of awesome experiences and adventure.

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